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A Modified Borda Count, MBC.

A Borda preferendum or modified Borda count (MBC) is a multi-option voting process for use in decision-making. The procedures cover both the debate which precedes the vote, as well as the vote-and-count. Basically, it is a preference voting procedure by which can be identified that option which gains the highest average preference score. It may also be used as a points system, in which the winner is the outcome with the most points.

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Voting Systems

Read on to learn more about Borda voting systems. In decision-making, the outcome is usually a single decision (social choice), a single complex (as in a budget), or a prioritisation (social ranking). Here we explain three Borda methodologies: the MBC for decision-making; the Quota Borda System, QBS, as an electoral system; and the matrix vote, which can be used in governance.

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Inclusive Politics

Unlike the very inaccurate majority vote, the MBC is a most precise measure of collective opinion. Furthermore, the methodology is non-majoritarian. At best, the outcome is the option with the highest average preference score, and an average, of course, involves every voter, not just a majority of them. If the MBC were to be adopted, therefore, it would spell the end of majoritarianism - majority rule by majority vote. In its stead, it would herald the beginning of a new norm: inclusive forms of governance under all-party coalitions. This app, then, is part of the means by which modern parliaments can function in a manner more suited to modern plural societies.

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